[ic] using the perl api for ord/basket

Doug Alcorn doug@lathi.net
30 Apr 2001 04:20:24 -0400

for various reasons i'm trying to redo the ord/basket using mvasp
instead of iml.  However, i'm having some fundamental problems
accessing some of the data.  basically I have a block that looks like

  foreach my $item (@{$Items}) {
    my $itemcode = $item->{code};
    my $table = $item->{mv_ib};
    my $itemdesc = $Tag->data({table=>$table, field=>'description', key=>$itemcode});
    # my $itemdesc = $Tag->description({code=>$itemcode});
    my $price = $Tag->data({table=>$table, field=>'price', $key=>$itemcode});
    HTML "$itemcode, $table, $itemdesc, $price<br>";

I can get out the correct $itemcode and $table with this.  I just
can't seem to get the $itemdesc and $price.  I must be missing
something simple.  It's way too late in this coding session for me to
see it.

While I'm on the subject of mvasp and the perl api, can i get an
example of how to access the stuff that is [prefix-tag] in iml?  I'm
really interested in [quantity-name].
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