[ic] Using atsbank / merchantcommerce with Interchange

Brian M brianmac@brimac.com
Wed, 31 Jan 2001 13:13:06 -0800

> Has anyone configured IC to work with atsbank / merchantcommerce ??
> Any examples?  Code??
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I've done this.  It involves changing most of the checkout page. The credit card is entered on the ATS secure server, not on the 
interchange server.  The way I have it, order info is sent to you from ATS by email, not from interchange.  No CC info is kept in 
interchange or sent over email or unsecure server connections this way.  I'm not where I can access the files at the moment, but if you 
want I can send you my revised checkout page this evening.  You'll have to put in your merchant number in a few places, and create the 
accepted.html and declined.html pages used by ATS.  Email me directly if you would like the pages.

Brian brianmac@brimac.com

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