[ic] A couple quick questions about your product...

Jason Osborne jason@sohonetworks.cc
Thu, 1 Feb 2001 01:23:12 -0600

Hello, I am trying to decide if Akopia's Interchange is the right E-commerce
solution for the company I work for. We are going to need to sell Nokia
products through an e-commerce package and was wondering if Interchange
would work. Here are the questions the big man upstairs has given me to
answer. Please tell me if these don't apply.

a)	Do you provide with a PC program that will rate shipments? If so, please
describe if there is any charge for this service.
b)	Describe your company’s Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) capabilities
and give examples of how your EDI system is used by other shippers.
c)	Describe your shipment tracking and proof of delivery capabilities. Can
Nokia obtain verbal, faxed and written proof of delivery.

Thank you for all your help, Jason.
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