[ic] HELP!My client will check progress of his site in 2 days and....

Thomas N. Stefanidis thomas@prometheas.gr
Thu, 01 Feb 2001 18:59:09 +0200

....... i still can't do 2 things..
I have done everything else....but i can't :
1)Give different prices for each product size......Can't someone please
explain that to me?I have read all documents and i can't get anything
Can anyone tell me what to do(what settings to add,where)?
2)Adding 2 different currencies .... I can use Greek or Euro but not at
the same time.I use the catalog.cfg...but when i uncomment the euro
settings.....all greek settings disappear and only euro shows up (and
vice-versa )...
Locale el_GR frac_digits             0
Locale el_GR mon_decimal_point       ""
Locale el_GR mon_thousand_sep        .
Locale el_GR mon_thousands_sep       .
Locale el_GR p_cs_precedes           0
Locale el_GR p_sep_by_space          1
Locale el_GR currency_symbol         δρχ

#Locale eur_EUR PriceDivide         370.750
#Locale eur_EUR p_cs_precedes       0
#Locale eur_EUR currency_symbol     euro
#Locale eur_EUR p_sep_by_space      2
#Locale eur_EUR mon_decimal_point   ,

i'm going crazy!!I still have 2 days!
Any idea would be really a great help