[ic] Catalog Config SSL

davidb davidb@communitylink.com
Thu, 01 Feb 2001 11:46:43 -0600

When installing a new catalog, I am having trouble getting SSL to work.
I think that I may be specifing the wrong location for the required
folders.  Everything works fine unless I want SSL - which I do - Here's
where I am confused-

Server name? [localhost] this is just my server name, no https, right?
SSL ..
Aliases? is this where the https goes, or do I specify a directory for
files to be placed in?  I'm thinking that perhaps if I'm not specifing
the correct dir then that is why I can't PROCEED from my cart.

It looks like when I PROCEED that it finds the https address specified
in the catalog secure server name but it isn't interacting with any
other files.  I get a popup that tells me I've chosen a secure document
and I click continue and then I get either the cgi-bin error or that
this page is unavailable.  I've checked the SSL folders and there in't
anything there.  So the question is, does this sound like my problem and
does anyone know any solutions to get SSL working?   I've looked at the
archives and haven't been able to clearly fix this particular problem.