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al00283876@academ01.slp.itesm.mx al00283876@academ01.slp.itesm.mx
Thu, 1 Feb 2001 12:28:51 -0600

im getting the same error, i think is an iexplorer bug that does not accept
dummy ssl certificates or something like that, i only receive this error
using IE... try using netscape and click on the PROCEED button. Both ask
me if i want to accept the certificate but when i answer yes, only netscape
continues with the checkout, explorer gives a dns error or says the page
does not exist.

hope you find a solution for this...

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>When installing a new catalog, I am having trouble getting SSL to work.
>I think that I may be specifing the wrong location for the required
>folders.  Everything works fine unless I want SSL - which I do - Here's
>where I am confused-
>Server name? [localhost] this is just my server name, no https, right?
>SSL ..
>Aliases? is this where the https goes, or do I specify a directory for
>files to be placed in?  I'm thinking that perhaps if I'm not specifing
>the correct dir then that is why I can't PROCEED from my cart.
>It looks like when I PROCEED that it finds the https address specified
>in the catalog secure server name but it isn't interacting with any
>other files.  I get a popup that tells me I've chosen a secure document
>and I click continue and then I get either the cgi-bin error or that
>this page is unavailable.  I've checked the SSL folders and there in't
>anything there.  So the question is, does this sound like my problem and
>does anyone know any solutions to get SSL working?   I've looked at the
>archives and haven't been able to clearly fix this particular problem.
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