[ic] Interchange now a Red Hat product

Dan B db@cyclonehq.dnsalias.net
Thu, 01 Feb 2001 16:08:10 -0800

>I am excited to announce that Interchange is now a Red Hat product.  This
>will be announced publicly at Linux World in New York tomorrow, Wednesday,
>Jan. 31.

LinuxWorld: Red Hat boosts e-commerce platform
By Ed Scannell

RED HAT BEEFED up its line of Internet-based infrastructure solutions 
Wednesday at LinuxWorld Expo, announcing it would add Aktopia's Interchange 
e-commerce platform to its lineup.

With Aktopia's product, users looking to piece together an integrated 
infrastructure for e-commerce applications have more flexibility to do so 
and at a lower cost, according to Red Hat officials. The product joins the 
Stronghold Secure Web Server and CCVS' e-commerce payment system in Red 
Hat's solutions portfolio.

Like those two offerings, Interchange will be tightly tied together through 
the Red Hat Network, which is an Internet-based

So, what's up with AkTopia?  Did the author misspell the company name on 
accident, or was he implying the Interchange is more like Utopia?  (I agree 
with the latter, but I think it was the former).

To me, "Interchange will be tightly tied together through the Red Hat 
Network" sounds like marketing blather.  I assume it means that updated 
interchange*.rpm's will be available on RHN, but maybe it is something 
more?  (Maybe an intelligent bot that checks your install for 
non-upgrade-compliant features and intelligently upgrades only what is safe 
to upgrade on a per-file basis?)

Anyway, it's probably more accurate to get your information straight from 
akopia.com.  BTW, I noticed that interchange isn't in the latest RedHat 
beta (Fisher 7.1), but that'll probably be fixed in rawhide pretty soon, 
right?  (That's more of a marketing issue, anyway).

Dan Browning, Cyclone Computer Systems, danb@cyclonecomputers.com