[ic] search error. Object saved wrong

Mike Heins mikeh@minivend.com
Fri, 2 Feb 2001 05:15:01 -0500

Quoting Ayayu Infomation desk (info@ayayu.com):
> Is there anybody know search error. Object saved wrong?
> Below is error log from Interchange 4.6.1.(FreeBSD)
> Sometimes, Search error occured and error message showed from
> results.html.
> hcns003.zaq.ne.jp iIVFppre:ne.jp - [02/February/2001:16:42:06 +0900]
> outdoor-w
> /cgibin/outdoor-w.cgi/scan/MM=e83069a8c5b65ade3baaab0919e20bf4:20:39:20
> search error: Object saved wrong in
> /mnt/web/guide/ayayu.com/catalogs/outdoor-w/tmp/i/iIVFppre.e83069a8c5b65
> ade3baaab0919e20bf4 for search ID
> iIVFppre.e83069a8c5b65ade3baaab0919e20bf4.
> Previous search string is below.
> http://www.ayayu.com/cgibin/outdoor-w.cgi/scan/fi=products/st=db/co=yes/
> sf=category/se=000009/sf=brand/se=000020/tf=sku/ml=20.html
> I guess thst my ISP machine delayed, the error happened.
> What's worng or what can I do for this?

I am guessing this is an I/O error in Storable or Data::Dumper
caused by the ongoing problems with Perl, signals, I/O, and FreeBSD.

FreeBSD is not the best platform for Interchange, unfortunately. But
hope is on the horizon -- one of our new engineers, Mark Cox, is one
of the Apache programmers. He has a bit more knowledge on this stuff
than I do -- I am not much of a C hacker and that is what this needs.

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