[ic] SSL ocassionally drops basket

Joel Stewart jstew@natural-parenting.com
Fri, 2 Feb 2001 11:17:43 -0000

Has anyone come across the basket intermittantly dropping its contents when
going to another domain for SSL.  This is only an occassional problem for me
but happens often enough(nearly half the time) to be a concern.  I made the
changes in the interchange.cfg and catalog.cfg files as recommended and this
enabled the basket to carry over.  There doesnt seem to be any reason or
pattern to its occurrance, but I have only ever been able to complete two
sequential(within an hour) test purchases once out of twenty tries.
Sometimes (10% of the time)it bypasses the Secure server and tries to go
back to an unknown, unsecure page.  Could it be an overloaded server (secure
or unsecure)?  How would I check?  Maybe a problem with sessions or cookies?
I'm still rather new to Unix/Linux and Interchange but I'm learning fast.

TIA for any advice

Joel Stewart