[ic] search error. Object saved wrong

Mike Heins mikeh@minivend.com
Fri, 2 Feb 2001 06:42:09 -0500

Quoting Ron Phipps (rphipps@reliant-solutions.com):
> > > hcns003.zaq.ne.jp iIVFppre:ne.jp - [02/February/2001:16:42:06 +0900]
> > > outdoor-w
> > > /cgibin/outdoor-w.cgi/scan/MM=e83069a8c5b65ade3baaab0919e20bf4:20:39:20
> > > search error: Object saved wrong in
> > > /mnt/web/guide/ayayu.com/catalogs/outdoor-w/tmp/i/iIVFppre.e83069a8c5b65
> > > ade3baaab0919e20bf4 for search ID
> > > iIVFppre.e83069a8c5b65ade3baaab0919e20bf4.
> >
> > I am guessing this is an I/O error in Storable or Data::Dumper
> > caused by the ongoing problems with Perl, signals, I/O, and FreeBSD.
> We've recieved these same errors on a RedHat x86 box running IC.  It may be
> more wide spread then FreeBSD.

IF someone (running RedHat and Perl 5.6.0 all latest modules, need binary
compatibility on file) can attach an offending file, I will take a look
at it.

I will need to know whether you are running Storable, as I suspect
you are. If you are not, or are not running the very latest version,
get updated as you *will* get these errors with binary data.

This would be exacerbated with frequent Unicode characters or other
binary data -- and there are a few Unicode bugs in Perl which are being
touched up for 5.6.1, so that can be it too.

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