[ic] Interchange now a Red Hat product

IC-Admin interchange@my-school.com
Fri, 2 Feb 2001 14:08:50 -0500 (EST)

David Adams wrote: 

> I also agree that Interchange is like a web developer's Utopia. :-)


> All we can say now is that Red Hat Network's eventual goal is certainly
> as ambitious as what you describe, and there will be services available
> for Interchange through Red Hat network. Interchange users will not be
> required to subscribe to RHN, of course, but we'll try hard to make it
> very worthwhile.


hmm, sounds really good to me... :-) 

    NEW YORK--The Red Hat Network is more than a subscription system for
    keeping Linux computers updated--it's also a potential tool for
    enabling computer makers such as IBM to resell Red Hat's services. 


    Young believes that the days are numbered for the philosophy that
    customers may not scrutinize the underlying programming
    instructions of their software. ... because customers will
    naturally gravitate to software over which they have more power. 


    Proprietary licensing is like buying a car with the hood locked and
    the salesman keeping the keys, said Young, who has been called "chief
    analogy officer" for his tendency to do things such as compare
    software licensing policies to geopolitics. 

yeah, so simple...and so true... I could tell you stories about car
salesmen not getting it... and customers to want to have more power... :-)