[ic] CCVC vs. Signio/Verisign...

Webb, Malcolm malcolmw@upshot.com
Sun, 4 Feb 2001 17:20:13 -0800


Given Redhat's recent acquisition of Akopia, I thought I'd take a look at
Redhat's CCVS (credit card auth/capture/credit). I am currently using Signio
for CCauth and am pretty happy with it, but since CCVS is backed by

I was wondering if anyone on the list could give some feedback about their
experiences with CCVS and Interchange? Do you find that using a modem
affects the speed of real-time auth? Have you had any issues with concurrent
auths by multiple shoppers? How does CCVS's feature set compare to Signio? 

Any input appreciated...

P.S.- Congrats to Mike and the Minivend/Akopia team on the acquisition!

Malcolm Webb