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On Mon, Feb 05, 2001 at 05:59:22AM -0800, johny brabo wrote:
> Hello,
> Maybe my last question wasn't very clear since I
> didn't get an answer.
> I am looking for a simple way to show an item and
> links to parts of that item, so eg. I show a computer
> and beneath it I show links to the parts. People can
> Buy the whole computer, but they also can see what
> screen it has, what memory and so on...
> The "order groups"-function doesn't seem to fit my
> needs since there is no need to sell multiple items at
> once. Also "accesoires" isn't really what I need I
> guess. Can someone hint me to a solution?

TABLE assemblies (
  code varchar
  part varchar

Where code is the big item and "part" is the code
for the item that goes into it.  One code in your
products table can have any number of records in
assemblies.  I'm presuming that each "part" in assembly
is also in your products table so you can pull the additional
information you need.  Alternatively, denormalize
assemblies and add the fields to make display easier/faster.

SELECT * FROM products WHERE code=[item_code]; # display item

SELECT * FROM assemblies WHERE code=[item_code]; # for each loop

> Any small advice is appreciated
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