[ic] Another MIME Type for PGP in IC 4.6.1?

Hans Joachim Leidinger jojo@leidinger.net
Tue, 06 Feb 2001 01:31:02 +0100

Hi list,

today was my last work, because Iīve a new job.
In this case, my former boss has ordered, to update the old MV3.x to the
IC 4.6.1 and his catalog too. After a lot of works. I was able to do
that since last week. After detecting some bugs, I was in a muddle,
because my boss couldnīt get an email with credit card encrypted. In my
test server, all works very fine. Looking around the codes/pages/config
files etc. did not give me any difference, hints, etc.. I did not read
the emails with the NS 4.6x or NS 4.7x in my test suite.

Going to the PC of my boss and fetching the old email with the credit
card info (encrypted) from the old MV3.x looks fine. There is a credit
card info encryted and attached.
All the files (orders/<ordernumber>, tracking.asc, etc.) has the right
content with credit card encrypted.

Looking into the newest email from the IC 4.6.1 via the NS of my boss
has no credit card info attached. Looking into the source code, I see
the credit card info encrypted suddenly. The different between the new
email and the old email is the different MIME-Type. The old email has a
"multipart/mixed" and the newest email has a "multipart/alternative" as
a MIME-Type. With "multipart/alternative", NS is not able to show my
boss any attached credit card info encrypted.


 my $msg_type = $opt->{attach_only} ? "multipart/mixed" :


 my $msg_type = $opt->{attach_only} ? "multipart/alternative" :

in Interpolate.pm solve the problem.

Am I missing some coherences?
Am I missing some News?

Any comments?



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