[ic] CSP (Commerce Solutions Provider)

Doug Alcorn doug@lathi.net
06 Feb 2001 12:45:29 -0500

"Brian Bisaillon" <bbisaillon@pmail.net> writes:

> Basically, do you all think this is a good idea?

Don't quit your day-job.  This is a competitive business that requires
a lot to know.  E-Commerse is a beast unto itself.  Yes, being Linux
smart takes away some of the learning curve.  I don't want to
discourage you from starting.  There _is_ a market for service
providers who can actually provide good service.  I have been the
victim more than once of signing up for services on the 'net that were
less than advertised.

I recommend finding a local business that wants to "get online".
Start with just one e-comm site.  Don't take on too much at once.
After you've worked you way through one complete site you will be much
smarter than you are now.  If you are doing two or three at the same
time, all of them will be screwed up.  If you're doing only one then
just that one will be screwed up.

Actual E-Comm experience is the key.  Work cheap to get several sites
under your belt.  What you really want is an education in e-comm.
Getting money from your clients just helps you float while you get
your education.

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