[ic] Datamining with Interchange

Ron Phipps rphipps@reliant-solutions.com
Tue, 6 Feb 2001 12:28:35 -0800

> I don't really understand how I might go about getting the order into our
> system though.  I gather the above must be suggesting a script that parses
> the email that would normally be sent and inputs it into our system?
> IC be able to call that script when an order is completed, or would it
> to be scheduled to run throughout the day?  We have a pretty tight
> that requires the orders to be in the system by certain times in order for
> them to be delivered same/next day.  It would be nice if the script could
> called at order completion instead of just relying on the scheduler to
> what it can when it runs.  I couldn't find that particular config option
> though...


I'd be interested to hear about your experiences if you do take this task
on, sounds like some custom work but would work well when finished.  To
answer your question the way to do this would probably be to call a usertag
in Reciept.html (which is displayed to the user when they complete an order)
that would pull the information from the database (instead of trying to
parse the email) and call an API supported by your accounting program to
insert the data into the system.  Is the accounting system proprietary?
Does it have an API for inserting data into the invoice, customer and item
area?  The way this has been accomplished with Quickbooks is to dump an IIF
file once a day which is data pulled out of the Interchange database and
formatted for QBooks to handle.  If your system supports a type of file
format import it would just mean making your own Accounting usertags to
write that file out, definitely do-able.  Good luck!