[ic] Datamining with Interchange

Stefan Hornburg racke@linuxia.de
06 Feb 2001 22:30:58 +0100

"Phillip A. Ryals" <support@admiralexpress.com> writes:

> >Then after an order is processed, call a system script to ftp/mail/scp to
> where
> >you need it for your system to pick it up...
> Everything sounds good so far...  thank you John, Racke and Stefan!
> So I can use their acct# as a session variable and should be able to
> retrieve pricing through a custom gateway.
> I don't really understand how I might go about getting the order into our
> system though.  I gather the above must be suggesting a script that parses
> the email that would normally be sent and inputs it into our system?  

No. With my patch you can define a GlobalSub/Sub which interfaces with
your system. My configuration for this case:

ParseVariables Yes
Route main default 1
Route main report report/body
Route main email __ORDERS_TO__
Route main supplant 1
Route main sub htmlmail
Route main locale 1
Route main increment 0
ParseVariables No

Route copy_user report report/customer
Route copy_user email ""
Route copy_user empty 1
Route copy_user supplant 1
Route copy_user sub ""
Route copy_user locale 1
Route copy_user increment 0

Route log report report/sdrs
Route log email ""
Route log empty 1
Route log supplant 1
Route log increment 0

Sub <<EOF
sub htmlmail{
	my ($email, $subject, $body) = @_;

	$Tag->email_html({to => $email, subject => $subject}, $body);

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