[ic] mod_minivend status

Jeff Carnahan jcarnahan@networq.com
Tue, 6 Feb 2001 15:36:46 -0800

mod_minivend will work just fine under that version of Apache (and many
other recent versions) however, in my experience I've always compiled it in
statically, so I can't address the problems you're having with it as a DSO..

But yes, it does work with Apache 1.3.14 ... Perhaps if you posted the error
message, I could be more helpful.

Jeff Carnahan - jcarnahan@networq.com

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}Is mod_minivend known to work with apache 1.3.14?  From the home page
}at http://indev.insu.com/mod_minivend/mod_minivend.html says as of
}last year mod_minivend is looking for a new maintainer.  It also
}doesn't say anything about working with IC v4.x.
}The reason I ask all this is that I couldn't get apache to load the
}module.  I'm running apache 1.3.14 compiled from source.  I compiled
}mod_minivend as DSO using apxs.  I don't have the exact error messages
}in front of me (doh!), sorry.  I was just wondering known recent
}configurations of mod_minivend, IC, and apache.
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