[ic] CookieDomain

davidb davidb@communitylink.com
Wed, 07 Feb 2001 12:35:46 -0600

I am having trouble with the cart's contents dropping as soon as I
proceed to checkout.  The CHECKOUT page is secure, so the info has to
move from one server to another.  The site is www.***.com, while the
secure site is https://***.com, so from what I understand, the info
isn't being passed to the secure server.

I have searched the documentation and still do not clearly understand
what the problem is.  It looks like it is a CookieDomain problem, but I
am not certain how to implement this.  I have tried inserting it into
the CATALOG.CFG but I think that I am doing this incorrectly.  The only
documentation that I have read says to set it to:

CookieDomain .yourdomain.com
*it must have at least two periods or browsers will ignore it.

What does this mean?  Do I insert ..https://www.***.com or what?  And
where/how would it go?

I'm freaking out about this right now.

Any help is greatly appreciated.