[ic] CookieDomain

Ron Phipps rphipps@reliant-solutions.com
Wed, 7 Feb 2001 10:42:48 -0800

>I am having trouble with the cart's contents dropping as soon as I
>proceed to checkout.  The CHECKOUT page is secure, so the info has to
>move from one server to another.  The site is www.***.com, while the
>secure site is https://***.com, so from what I understand, the info
>isn't being passed to the secure server.
>I have searched the documentation and still do not clearly understand
>what the problem is.  It looks like it is a CookieDomain problem, but I
>am not certain how to implement this.  I have tried inserting it into
>the CATALOG.CFG but I think that I am doing this incorrectly.  The only
>documentation that I have read says to set it to:
>CookieDomain .yourdomain.com
>*it must have at least two periods or browsers will ignore it.
>What does this mean?  Do I insert ..https://www.***.com or what?  And
>where/how would it go?

Here is an example of a CookieDomain config we used before purchasing an SSL
cert for one of our clients:

CookieDomain .caseetc.com .reliant-solutions.com

It goes in your catalog.cfg.  However you may need more then this please
read this FAQ:


>I'm freaking out about this right now.

Don't freak out, all it takes is some patience and the ability to search
developer.akopia.com and the mailing list.  This question gets asked about
once a month and is answered the same way.  Thanks.