[ic] SQL Support Question

Jean-Pierre Parent parentjp@videotron.ca
Thu, 8 Feb 2001 20:24:26 -0500

Hi everyone,

I've been trying to create a new catalog from scratch. Everything worked
fine until I tried to configure SQL support...

This is what i have in catalog.cfg:
Database        products        __PRODUCT_SOURCE__      __DSN__
Database        products        DELIMITER       CSV
Database        products        KEY     id
Database        products        COLUMN_DEF      "id=INTEGER(8) UNSIGNED NOT
Database        products        COLUMN_DEF      "price=DECIMAL(12,2) NOT
Database        products        COLUMN_DEF      "description=VARCHAR(128)

I'm pretty sure its ok...as long as the __PRODUCT_SOURCE__ which is the name
of the file
to import products if i'm not mistaken and the __DSN__ are set up correctly.

I'm using "VariableDatabase    variables"

and the variables.txt TAB delimited file looks like:
PRODUCT_SOURCE    products.csv
DSN    dbi:mysql:databasename

Also, the database is created and was tested manually...

I believe I am missing some SQL commands somewhere but...where?

Jean-Pierre Parent