[ic] no price label

Dan Cetrone dance55@ix.netcom.com
Fri, 9 Feb 2001 10:34:17 -0800

I sent a previous msg about removing the PRICE label.

Somehow the mail pgm thought I was sending HTML and is holding it up.

I need this info right away so I am repeating my msg.

I want to be able to not show any reference to cost or pricing or even the
price label itself.

I want to use the shopping cart to only generate inquiries.

The clients will use it to request info on the products they see, and we
will then respond with a price quote.

I don't want any reference to pricing or prices or cost or totals.  That
would only create confusion.

It must not have anything in it that would cause confusion or seem like they
are buying instead of just requesting pricing information.

Please try to answer me as to how I would do this and if it would be
difficult for me since I am not a programmer.

Dan Cetrone