[ic] error when create new catalog

Jean-Pierre Parent parentjp@pjp.dhs.org
Fri, 9 Feb 2001 14:47:38 -0500

> I have a problem when I create a new catalog.  The navigator show this
> message:
> Undefined catalog:    /cgi-bin/newcatalog

I'd say that either you forgot to restart server or server is not aware of
a catalog named "newcatalog".

For the latter make sure you have a catalog definition line in
which would look like:

Catalog    newcatalog    /path/to/catalog/base    /cgi/url

I suggest you read about the Catalog directive in the Configuration

also make sure you have catalog.cfg in /path/to/catalog/base and that you
dont get any errors while re-starting interchange:

 "/path/to/interchange/bin/interchange -r"

Good luck...

Jean-Pierre Parent