[ic] Europeanization of IC

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Sat, 10 Feb 2001 17:01:32 +0100

On 10 Feb 2001 12:18:31 +0100, Stefan Hornburg wrote:

>Hello, IC users !
>Although IC has support for localization and other stuff that suits
>users allover the world, it is still a product with the main focus
>on the American market (at least this is what I think).
>My company is greatly interested to fill in the gaps for users
>in other countries, especially in Europe. As I'm visting Akopia with
>an other IC developer in my company in the near future, I would
>like to hear from you what do you miss from IC now in this respect.
>These points I will discuss there. Besides that CNS will work on
>this stuff even if Akopia isn't interested in it now.

It is great to hear that you plan do improve the european "part" of IC. I think a great improvement would be

o payment-systems implementation which are available in europe (well, germany) like paybox.
o tax-system prepared for the different countries.
o interfaces to software like sap (well, we talked about this before)
o manual in other language.... hmm.... better dont think about that.