[ic] Cannot change admin passwords

Webmaster of Infothai webmaster@infothai.com
Sun, 11 Feb 2001 21:49:49 +0700

A quick follow-up: if I save the access database, edit the 
ASCII file, and remove the password field (make it null), then 
the functionality is restored; that is, I can finally change 
the password to what I want and it then works. So, something 
in the old database seemingly became corrupted and prevented 
further modifications to the passwords, I think.


On Sun, 11 Feb 2001 15:52:38 +0700, Webmaster of Infothai wrote:

>'ve recently encountered a strange problem: I cannot change 
>the passwords of admin users "test" and "shipping" that come 
>with the construct demo.
>System: FreeBSD 4.2
>		Interchange 4.6.1
>		Perl 5.05.003
>I can log in as the admin user I specified during the catalog 
>creation. That user is super-user. I can select "administration" 
>and "access" and can enter a new password on either account. The 
>sequence I use is:
>1. set new password (2 places)
>2. click OK
>3. update the running catalog
>4. log off
>5. log in with the just-modified username/password
>The log in is rejected.
>Any ideas?
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