[ic] Payment Gateways

Brian Bisaillon bbisaillon@pmail.net
Sun, 11 Feb 2001 11:27:25 -0500

I've been looking into various payment gateways that would be suitable for
running a Storefront Service Provider business such as the one that me and
my friend want to start. We've looked into all the requirements on getting
set up and we are basically looking for the best most-for-cheap solution for
a payment gateway. I've looked at CyberCash, Verisign and a bunch of other
ones. The one that caught my attention the most was Paypal.

The first URL below shows the two different accounts and their features:

The second URL below shows the fee schedule for "Premier and Business

The one I'd be interested in of course would be the "Premier and Business
Accounts". I've sent them email to find out if they provide Global Server
IDs or if it's handled some other way. I'm a little fuzzy on Paypal's
service. I know that if we go with CyberCash or Verisign that we'd get a
Global Server ID. However, we are located in Canada and we need flexibility.
We basically want support for chequing, debit and credit cards. Verisign is
expensive for us canadians though. 1400$ isn't exactly cheap when you're
just starting and you're a somewhat poor college student :-) If we had the
customer base I'm sure we could afford it... If you could pay Verisign stuff
in monthly payments it would be ideal...