[ic] Why user logged in is lost when the admin enter in Admin interface?

Marcelo F. De Paula tintones@hotmail.com
Mon, 12 Feb 2001 12:46:16

Hi everybody,

I'm having a problem and this problem shown up when i was making a test like 

I had 2 browsers open, one in my store and other in interchange admin 

On the my store browser i bought something, put my credit card info and 
finished the purchase. After that i entered in the admin interface on the 
second browser to see if the order has been set. Until now everything was 
okay but when I came back to my store browser and click on the customer 
service, the user name disappear from the banner: "welcome to "my store", 
user name!

I have checked the Akopia on-line store and the same problem happens!!

What could it be?

Thanks for any help!

Marcelo F. De Paula
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