[ic] Prices do not show the price decimal

Marcelo F. De Paula tintones@hotmail.com
Mon, 12 Feb 2001 23:20:05


First of all i would like to thanks Rene Hertell and Greg Gaskill to the 
prompt reply of my doubt.

But now i have another problem. Today I saw that the price decimal is not 
showing up. The problem is: in interchange admin interface the item price of 
some a products is $ 14.99 but when i entered the store its showing $ 14.00.

Why is this happening? Why interchange is putting two 00 istead of two 99 as 
it is in the interchange admin interface?

And this is not happening in only one catogue its happening in all catalogs.

Thanks for any help,

Marcelo F. De Paula
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