[ic] Can't get it to work!

Bob Puff@NLE bob@nleaudio.com
Tue, 13 Feb 2001 00:40:15 -0500


I am having one heck of a time trying to get Interchange working on my Linux-Mandrake 7.1 system.  I downloaded the 4.6.1-3.rh6.i386 RPM and installed it, and am trying to get the "construct" sample going.

I tried using MYSQL, as it is installed on my system, but seemed to get errors trying to access the database (it seemed to create it ok).  So I re-ran the config program, and told it NOT to use a SQL.  But I'm still getting a lot of errors like: qwjAU6su: - [13/February/2001:00:10:43 -0500] construct
 /cgi-bin/construct/admin/item_edit Safe: Can't locate object method "query" via package "Vend::Table::GDBM" at /usr/lib/interchange/lib/UI/Primitive.pm line 780. 

and qwjAU6su: - [13/February/2001:00:29:23 -0500] construct
_image=/va=link_banner=.html Bad SQL, query was:
>               SELECT sku,timed_promotion,start_date,finish_date
>               FROM merchandising
>               WHERE featured = 'specials'
> qwjAU6su: - [13/February/2001:00:29:41 -0500] construct
 /cgi-bin/construct/ord/checkout.html Runtime error: SQL is not enabled for Inte
rchange. Get the SQL::Statement module.

Note that I do have the SQL::Statement module, and all other CPAN modules that I have seen any references to.

Shoud I nuke the RPM and just compile from the tarball?
I can seem to edit stuff in the admin area.

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