[ic] relationships between sku's

George Schindler george@1stomni.com
Wed, 14 Feb 2001 13:41:57 +0100

Thanks a lot for your answer, at start I want only to create items, where
you will be able to choose color and price will be the same.
1) I install construct something template
2) Go to admin interface and create item with "S=Small, M=Medium, L=Large*,
XL=Extra Large" these things in size field.
3) Apply changes and go to customer site, but there I can't see some option
box for choose one of the large, small....

Please where I make mistake, must I change flypage?


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Hi George!

The Keywords for that are "item accessoires" and "product pricing" - you
have only one sku with accessoires:
1234 | golf express T-shirt | color=Red*,Blue,Green | size=M,L*,XL |$10.00
the * marks the default value
then you have to fill out the pricing table:
(Header:) sku | M | L | XL | q2 | q5 | q10 ...
(Row:)    1234  0   0   2    0    0    0
the price-difference is shown here

You need to set some tags in the catalog.cfg - have a look in "product
pricing" section of the docs.

You can enter all data in the admin-gui after adding the missing columns to
the pricing-table.

hope that helps...

> From: "George Schindler" <george@1stomni.com>
> Subject: [ic] relationships between sku's

> Below are the sku's for the model "Golf express t-shirt".  We only want to
> display this shirt once on a catalog page, click on the item and then see
> a
> large picture with pull down boxes for what is available for color, size
> and
> price.  I only want to enter one picture and description for all sku's in
> the group.  Is this possible? Can we do this with the administration gui?

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