[ic] No code for currency in orderlines or transactions

Marc Villeneuve marc@inuzite.com
Wed, 14 Feb 2001 09:41:13 -0500


I am submitting a proposal right about now for an e-com system, and I am a 
bit stomped.
It is common courtesy that when a customer buys something in his own 
country, to show the proper price for an item (in his language and 
currency), everybody agrees on that. This, Interchange can do, it can 
recalculate the amount for a currency (say from USD to CAD, Canadian 
dollars), but when this order is posted into the orderline table, there is 
nothing in there that says in what currency was the purchase made (so that 
the amount is cast in stone, if you say a pair of shoes costs 33.95$ US, 
then is it).

So, you end up in the Admin UI in the pending orders page to have totally 
false information, in the sense that if you converted the currency before 
checking out, the amount is present, but ALWAYS use the same currency sign 
(whether that is USD or CAD or FF).

Try it for yourself in the construct something catalog:

Switch it to fr_FR locale (which is French speaking and Francs as the 
currency) by using the process/locale path like this:


This will bring you back to the main page, but will switch the store to 
fr_FR for your current session.
Try shopping around, prices should have been converted to FF.
Buy something, check out.

Close your browser or start another one (a different one):

Log into the admin UI

Go to Pending Orders, and there is your US money being multiplied by the 
currency rate factor of FF.

So do I:

- Look for a quick workaround like always using USD (CAD) and only showing 
the converted price? This means modifying the fly_page, result page, cart, 
checkout, report etc.

- Patch the checkout process to correctly insert into orderline (or 
transaction) a currency code and modify the admin UI "en profondeur" 
in-depth to accept the currency selected by the customer.

- Go straigth to WebSphere Commerce Suite 5.1 (which correctly handles 
multiple currencies), do not pass go, let my client spend another 9000$ US.

Any advice, piece of code, denial ;-)    , is appreciated.


Marc Villeneuve
Inuzite inc.