[ic] Tracking previous prices of items on promotion?

Curt Hauge chc@mninter.net
Wed, 14 Feb 2001 09:38:28 -0500

I would leave the regular price in the price field and add a sale_price field. Then you won't have to change the price field when a promotion occurs, just fill in the sale_price field. Now use a [if] tag to determine whether there is a value in sale_price. If so, show price as:

Was $49.99	Now $39.99


Now $49.99

This way when the promotion ends, your client has only to remove the price in the sale_price field. Better yet, put a sale_date field in as well and code it so when the date arrives, the sale_price is no longer valid.

Sorry I didn't take the time to write the code, but that should get you going.

Curt Hauge

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Hi list

OK so I'm a Perl dude, whos been playing with Interchange for the last few
months, and here's a problem for you all:

I've got a client who wants his storefront to display the specials in a kind
of "Was $xx, now $yy" format.  That means that I've got to track the old
price somehow.  The only way I see clear is by getting clever with the
current item fields, and pasting the old price into say long description
(making sure long desc. contains only the price), changing the actual price
field to the new price, and then using some MML to get it to display nicely.

Before I go ahead with this detour, anyone got a shortcut that does not
involve me having to recode half of IC?


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