[ic] Dragging around static data

cfm@maine.com cfm@maine.com
Thu, 15 Feb 2001 10:13:00 -0500

Re dragging around static data

This is probably a mikeh question, but it might be useful or answerable
by others. :-)

Our standard catalog uses a site configuration hash %SC (includes
a DTD) and a merchant configuration hash %M (includes all the various
payment and display options for any particular "merchant").  A merchant
is more or less a cart, so it's a hash of hashes.  The %SC hash is
too, holding both default and client specific data.

We've been loading these into session.  The %SC is about 15kb and the
%M is about 2kb.  Any session will have 2 %SC hashes (the catalog and
the default) and at least 2 %M hashes (catalog, default, and more if
there are other carts).   Now this system is stabilizing I'm wanting to 
tuck it into ::Vend somewhere outside of the session and load it at
start up (or cache it along the way).

I'm wondering if anyone could help me out and share some thoughts on
where might be the best place to put this?  ::Vend::Cfg comes to mind, 
but so does ::Vend::MS where it can stay "encapsulated".  Or maybe it
belongs in our modules that handle the relevant data (eg MV::SC); I'm 
leaning toward that.  Maybe it's not a big deal; just that I've had plenty
of experience cleaning up ad hoc choices and I want to avoid that.



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