[ic] No code for currency in orderlines or transactions

Marc Villeneuve marc@inuzite.com
Thu, 15 Feb 2001 10:33:44 -0500

Thanks for the hint Stefan, I applied it and I am on my way to solving the 
whole thing in a week or two.

I will contact Akopia`s  team to try to submit these patches for currency 
handling. As a non-american (german ?) yourself, do you disagree from the 
way I want to solve this whole mess? I really would like your opinion on 
this. 'ricans have great qualities, but they have such a huge internal 
market ready to buy (280 M people), that handling 2-3 different currencies, 
is not their priority. Being Canadian, and even worse, being a Quebecer 
(latin people, read frenchman like) where we as a people are really pissed 
when we don't get served in our own language and money, I have got to solve 
this whole thing before I can push Interchange as a solution.

What I am trying to figure out, is: is this a general problem? Or mine 
only? If it is mine only I will not bother Akopia with it, and I will keep 
these patches for myself.

I will add a variable to catalog.cfg to set handling multi-currency on/off, 
and modify every currency handling for orders to be properly addressed and 
submit diff file to the Akopia team.

Thanks for the help, it is appreciated.

Marc Villeneuve
Inuzite inc

At 04:13 PM 2/14/2001 +0100, you wrote:
>Marc Villeneuve <marc@inuzite.com> writes:
> >
> > - Patch the checkout process to correctly insert into orderline (or
> > transaction) a currency code and modify the admin UI "en profondeur"
> > in-depth to accept the currency selected by the customer.
> >
>To modify the inserted data, you just need to change
>and that's it.
> > - Go straigth to WebSphere Commerce Suite 5.1 (which correctly handles
> > multiple currencies), do not pass go, let my client spend another 9000$ US.
>This probably leads to protest in other areas, but
>that is up to you.
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