[ic] item_edit.html Can't setup new products!!!!

Cameron Germein cameron.germein@team.eftel.com
Fri, 16 Feb 2001 11:04:41 +0800

i bet the fields in your product database are different from those in the
demo, right? if so, make a directory in your pages dir called "admin", and
copy from interchange/lib/UI/pages/admin the item_edit.html page into your
new admin directory. edit the new copy in there.

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Subject: [ic] item_edit.html Can't setup new products!!!!

> Does anyone have a template for this. When I click on add new item, I get
> almost blank screen. When you are in akopia's demo page you have a nice
> layout of the item name, description, image, price. My version does not
> that. Does anyone have it? How can I go about setting up one? I would
> appreciate any help about this.
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