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I gotta say it: you remind me of Hebrews 10:24, "And let us consider how we 
may spur one another on toward love and good deeds".  Here I am: fuddling 
with all kinds of perl code for automating the interchange->ms word 
(ugh)->label printer combination (not to mention bar scanners!), and this 
code comes along!

Great!  You've spurred me on toward good deeds, let me tell ya.  I'll let 
you know how it works for me once I get my Dymo shipped in.  :-)


At 04:36 PM 2/15/2001 -0700, you wrote:
>Here is a little code and some instructions on how to add a link to the view
>order page, which prints a shipping label on a Dymo LabelWriter
>(http://www.dymo.com/) connected to your computer when you click it.
>First, you need to create a label template...
>   Launch 'Dymo Label' (the software that came with the label printer).
>   Select 'File->New Label' from the menu.
>   Pick the right label type for the kind of labels you are using.
>   Using the design tools available, add whatever information you want to the
>     label, but make sure that it contains one, and only one 'Address' object,
>     this is where the address will be filled in when printing labels 
> (just use
>     'Text' objects for return addresses, not 'Address' objects.
>   Select 'File->Save As' from the menu.
>   Enter a file name, and make sure it is being saved as a template 
> (.LWT), also
>     make sure you know the complete path to where the template is being 
> saved,
>     you will need it in a minute.  If you will be printing labels from more
>     than one computer, they all need to have this template saved in the exact
>     same location.
>Next you need to configure interchange...
>   Apply the patch below to lib/UI/pages/admin/order_view.html
>   Go to the admin section of your store.
>   Click 'Administration'.
>   Click 'Knar'.
>   Click 'New Entry'.
>   Enter 'SHIPPING_LABEL' under 'Variable name'.
>   Enter the path to your label template under 'Variable'.
>     (something like: 'C:\Program Files\Dymo Label\Label Files\yourlabel.LWT')
>   Enter 'Shipping' under 'Preferences area'.
>   Restart interchange.
>Last, you need to configure internet explorer to allow this...
>   Launch Internet Explorer.
>   Select 'Tools->Internet Options' from the menu.
>   Click the 'Security' tab.
>   Click 'Trusted Sites'.
>   Click the 'Sites...' button.
>   Uncheck 'Require server verification for sites in this zone'.
>   Add 'http://yourservername/yourstore.cgi/admin' to the zone.
>   Click 'OK'.
>   Click 'Custom Level...'
>   Set 'Initialize and script ActiveX controls not marked as safe' to 
> 'enable'.
>   Click 'OK'.
>   Click 'OK' again.
>You are done!  Now when you view an order in the admin section, there ill
>be a link underneath the shipping address that will print a label to your
>labelwriter when you click on it.
>*** order_view.html     Mon Nov  6 10:42:25 2000
>--- order_view.html.new Thu Feb 15 15:22:33 2001
>*** 161,166 ****
>--- 161,181 ----
>   <br>
>   <blockquote>
>   [scratch ship_address]
>+ [if variable SHIPPING_LABEL]
>+ Sub Btn1_onclick()
>+ Dim DymoAddIn, DymoLabel
>+ Set DymoAddIn = CreateObject("DYMO.DymoAddIn")
>+ Set DymoLabel = CreateObject("DYMO.DymoLabels")
>+ DymoAddIn.Open "__SHIPPING_LABEL__"
>+ DymoLabel.SetAddress 1,[perl]my @l = (); 
>foreach(split("\n",$Scratch->{'ship_address'})) { s/"//g; s/\<br\>//gi; 
>next unless $_; push(@l,"\"$_\""); }; join("+chr(10)+",@l);[/perl]
>+ DymoAddIn.Print 1, TRUE
>+ End Sub
>+ </SCRIPT>
>+ (<A HREF="#" onClick="Btn1_onclick()">print shipping label</A>)
>+ [/if]
>   </blockquote>
>   </font>
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