[ic] gpg encryptor FAQ problem. Still getting encryption error.

Boyd Lynn Gerber gerberb@zenez.com
Thu, 15 Feb 2001 22:45:42 -0700 (MST)

Thanks for the help in the past and any help you can give me on this one.

If I have ENCRYPTOR set to none I get an email with the credit card
number.  Now I want to encrypt the credit card information.  The FAQ says
to use

 EncryptProgram /usr/local/bin/gpg -fa --always-trust -r sales@your.com

-fa is an invalid option.  I tried this below instead.  It works at the
interch users shell prompt but still give me the error when run in the
catalog.cfg file and the products/variable.txt file.  I first just set
ENCRYPTOR to it.  I then replaced all __ENCRYPTOR__ with it still getting
the same encryption error.

 EncryptProgram  /usr/local/bin/gpg -eat --always-trust -r sales@your.com

I am trying to use this with a new catalog I created based on the
construct demo.

The interchange/error.log has IKgydiDf: - [15/February/2001:22:25:41 -0700]
signat/cgi-bin/signat/process.html Encryption error:

The catalog/error.log has IKgydiDf: - [15/February/2001:22:25:42 -0700]
signat/cgi-bin/signat/process.html search error: Limit subroutine creation: bad
limit creation code in coordinated search, probably search group without
search specification. at /usr/local/interchange/lib/Vend/Search.pm line 703.

Any ideas on what else to try?  I have searched the archives and they do
not shead any more light.


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