[ic] item_edit.html Can't setup new products!!!!

Bill Jenkins billjenkins@hotmail.com
Fri, 16 Feb 2001 16:32:17

Okay I did that but I still don't get anything. All that I have is this:
Is this all I am supposed to have and I have to create my own page?
Does anyone have a copy of one they made? I would really appreciate it.

	$CGI->{mv_data_table} = $Config->{ProductFiles}[0];
	if ($CGI->{item_id} eq 'new') {
		$CGI->{ui_new_item} = 1;
	else {
		$CGI->{ui_hide_key} = 1 unless $CGI->{item_id} eq 'new';
	if(! $CGI->{ui_data_fields}) {
		$CGI->{ui_data_fields} = $Variable->{UI_ITEM_FIELDS}
				|| 'sku description category comment price image weight size color';
	if(! $CGI->{ui_break_before}) {
		$CGI->{ui_break_before} = $Variable->{UI_ITEM_BREAK}
				|| 'image size';
	my @args = (
	$CGI->{ui_return_to} = join "\0", @args;
[if cgi ui_new_item]
		$CGI->{item_id} = q{[counter 
file="__UI_PRODUCT_DIR__/__UI_PRODUCT_DIR__.autonumber" start=new0000]};

[seti page_title]Item editor: [cgi item_id][/seti]
[seti page_banner]Item editor: edit item <B>[cgi item_id]</B>[/seti]
[set help_name]edit.item[/set]
[set icon_name]admin/icon_item.gif[/set]


[if-mm super]
<A HREF="[area href=admin/flex_editor
					item_id=[cgi item_id]
					page_title=Edit items: [cgi item_id]
					']">No meta display</A>

<!-- page: @@MV_PAGE@@ -->

>From: "Cameron Germein" <cameron.germein@team.eftel.com>
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>To: <interchange-users@lists.akopia.com>
>Subject: Re: [ic] item_edit.html  Can't setup new products!!!!
>Date: Fri, 16 Feb 2001 11:04:41 +0800
>i bet the fields in your product database are different from those in the
>demo, right? if so, make a directory in your pages dir called "admin", and
>copy from interchange/lib/UI/pages/admin the item_edit.html page into your
>new admin directory. edit the new copy in there.
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>From: Bill Jenkins <billjenkins@hotmail.com>
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>Sent: Friday, February 16, 2001 12:48 AM
>Subject: [ic] item_edit.html Can't setup new products!!!!
> > Does anyone have a template for this. When I click on add new item, I 
> > almost blank screen. When you are in akopia's demo page you have a nice
> > layout of the item name, description, image, price. My version does not
> > that. Does anyone have it? How can I go about setting up one? I would
> > appreciate any help about this.
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