[ic] Cybercash 3.2 & Interchange 4.6.3

Kalum Lauritzen kalum@cyberlink.bc.ca
Fri, 16 Feb 2001 17:44:31 -0700

I am trying to get Cybercash working with Interchange, as have a ton of
people judging by the amount of postings in the mail archives. The system is
so close to working with the construct demo store yet our Cybercash test
account is not being updated. We can fill out an order, submit it, receive a
receipt on the web and via email, but cr.cybercash.com does not show any
amounts added. In the catalog.cfg file we have only modified the following:

Variable         CYBER_CONFIGFILE    /catalogs/zitherstore/merchant_conf
Variable         CYBER_VERSION       3.2
#Variable         CYBER_MODE          mauthonly
Variable         MV_PAYMENT_MODE     mauthcapture
## CreditCardAuto   No
CyberCash       Yes

We have tried variations of the above theme with no real differences. When
we load Interchange it reports that it found the Cybercash 3.2 modules and
there is never anything in the error logs. What has to be added to the
checkout.html page? We have played around with adding
<INPUT TYPE="hidden" NAME="mv_cyber_mode" VALUE="mauthcapture"> and other
fields but no differences result.

If we run the test web site that the Cybercash MCK kit loaded and run
transactions through it then everything updates on the cybercash web site
just fine. I assume we are missing a simple step. We have looked through the
mail list archives rigorously but it is hard to determine what is applicable
with all the different versions of Cybercash and Interchange. It is a shame
there is no detailed how-to on this subject, especially with how many
postings there are on this subject.

I look forward to any obvious solutions that we have missed. Thank you in