[ic] Permissions clarification

John Nicholas j-nicholas@home.com
Sun, 18 Feb 2001 12:33:47 -0600

I am still not clear on the proper permissions setup for Interchange. I
installed Interchange as root and I intend to use Postgres with at least
some catalogs. I have these directories that all are related to Interchange:


Prior to interchange I had a user called "webworker" that I used for editing
files in htdocs and cgi-bin (who owned both directories). I had a postgres
user called "postgres" that cgi's used to connect to Postgres.  I created a
new "interch" user for interchange to use.

When I run makecat it seems to try to write to all 4 of the above
directories and always fails with a "permission denied". If I try to use
Postgres it also fails saying that user can't create directories even though
it asked for the name of the postgres user. If I makecat from a user with
Postgres permissions that step completes.

The "construct" demo installed once and the htdocs files are owned by
"webworker" and the files in catalogs and cgi-bin/mystore are owned by
"interch" (the cgi-bin itself is owned by "webworker").

What is the proper user to run makecat?
Should all 4 of the above directories be owned by the same user?
Does the user you use to create catalogs need to be a postgres user or
should makecat be able to use the postgres account?

Thanks, John Nicholas