Follow-up: Re: [ic] Europeanization of IC

Hans-Joachim Leidinger
Mon, 19 Feb 2001 16:36:39 +0100

IC-Admin wrote:
> I like to ask a follow-up question to this subject matter:
> Now that IC belongs to RedHat, there should be much more support in the
> future for IC's internationalization efforts. For example I read on the
> German RedHat site, that based on RedHat 6.1 there is a development
> effort with SAP to produce a RedHat Enterprise Version 1.0 which is
> optimized for usage with the SAP R/3 system.
> Doesn't it seem possible therefore to imagine that IC will have an
> interface to SAP R/3 one day ? That IC  will have a German documentation
> ? Apparently there is a German Installation Manual for the RedHat distro
> now available in Germany.
> Considering that there are Germans like Stefan Hornburg interested
> and able to help etc., what is Mike Heins' best advice for Germans to
> support RedHat's  internationalization efforts ? Shouldn't questions like
> that be coordinated with RedHat's German office ? are living in US and your mental capability of the english
language is very big. What is the problem? Otherwise your problem is the
"europeanization" of any kind of shipping and tax calculations? ;-)

My new project is a catalog with SAP (still R/2). I have a project
meeting in two days. I have a little bit information about my new
project and can't tell more about this. But IC has to get or to send
datas via EDIFACT and/or IDOC. Are there someone with some experience
with SAP? Are there some usefull informations for me from someone? Where
can I find a whitepaper about EDIFACT and IDOC? Are there a better
methode to send/get datas to/from SAP? Any comments?

If I get any usefull informations, a usefull interface to SAP and my
boss give me his OK, I will publish the interface to the akopia team or
Stefan Hornburg. Any comments?



-------------Hans-Joachim Leidinger---------------------