Follow-up: Re: [ic] Europeanization of IC

Mon, 19 Feb 2001 17:02:30 -0500 (EST)

Hans-Joachim Leidinger wrote:

> are living in US and your mental capability of the english
> language is very big. What is the problem? Otherwise your problem is the
> "europeanization" of any kind of shipping and tax calculations? ;-)

> My new project is a catalog with SAP (still R/2). I have a project
> meeting in two days. I have a little bit information about my new
> project and can't tell more about this. But IC has to get or to send
> datas via EDIFACT and/or IDOC. Are there someone with some experience
> with SAP? Are there some usefull informations for me from someone? Where
> can I find a whitepaper about EDIFACT and IDOC? Are there a better
> methode to send/get datas to/from SAP? Any comments?

> If I get any usefull informations, a usefull interface to SAP and my
> boss give me his OK, I will publish the interface to the akopia team or
> Stefan Hornburg. Any comments?

> Thanks!

> Joachim

Thanks, Joachim, I don't have any problems with "Europeanization" ,
believe me. :-)

Just concluded from previous posts, that there is some interest in some
sort of cooperation and thought exchange about SAP R/3, tax and
translation issues from the side of some list members. 

My admittedly not so clever mind concluded that those issues are
not only of interest for some users to whom MH has pointed out that
IC is flexible enough to offer a user ways to solve these issues 
by themselves. (I consider this a subtle hint that solving those issues
belongs into the realm of "services", a user would normally pay for, in
these days, I guess, you would pay RedHat nowadays).

Thirdly, Stefan had indicated, that he looks for some kind of cooperation. 

Now, even you come up and try to test the waters for some more feedback.

And I, old lady that I am, just wanted to play a little bit of a
matchmaker, and get some list members on the nerves with my anti-
U.S.-Europe-bashing efforts to encourage make-up and kiss efforts across
the Atlantik. (Sigh, matchmaking is really no good business at all these

Good luck with your project, Joachim. Hope your boss is wise and gives
you an OK. :-)