[ic] New Feature Multiple DNS-entries/IP's/aliases from interchange.

Boyd Lynn Gerber gerberb@zenez.com
Tue, 20 Feb 2001 12:27:50 -0700 (MST)

On Tue, 20 Feb 2001, IC-Admin wrote:
> I somewhat doubt that...How about drawing some pictures, as your usage of
> the words virtual machines, servers, physical interface, machine names,
> host names is really...somewhat unusual...:-)

I have two machines that are clustered.  I am trying to dynamicly transfer
the load between the two machines.  Each machine has a series of IP
address as the load gets two unbalanced an IP address is moved from one
machine to the other and I restart interchangeand have apache reread the
configuration on both machines.  I hope this picture helps.

		-----------------		-----------------
physical IP	|	| 		|	|
virtual IP's	|	|		|	|
		|... various	|		|... various	|
		| IP numbers	|		| IP numbers	|
		-----------------		-----------------
			|	-----------------	|
			|-------|		|-------|
				| Shared Storage|
-----------------		-----------------
| host needs	|			|
| attention see |------------------------
| below for	|
| detail	|

or an other machine not part of the cluster needs to attention, repairs,
upgrades, etc.  Files are transfered to the Shared Storage.

Apache-SSL Webserver Running on both machines.

Orignally I had Interchange running as localhost or  I had
problems with check-out.  I changed from to
https://host.domain.com and it worked.  Then I wanted to have multiple
https://host.domain.com for check-out because I could not get to work.  I interpeted that the reason it sometimes
worked and other times did not to the fact it worked when I was on a X
window on the machine but did not if I was not.  I assumed (ASS of U and
ME) that I did work because I did not have a webserver on the machine I
was running the browser from.  I then thought well apache can be
configured to listen on a group of IP address or host names, wouldn't it
be nice if interchange could do the same thing with out using localhost
ofr  Then I would not have problems with the multiple
check-outs.  So now assume as done it to me.

> Seems to me you need to read up on clustering, IP based virtual hosting
> and name based virtual hosting and sharing files on a network over several
> physical machines (NFS) and say clearer what sort of servers you are
> talking about.

I hope the above now makes things clearer, as I crawl back having shown my
ignorance.  Yes, I do need to read up and understand more.  Having just
one check-out to a fixed IP address/host name does work.

Thanks everyone for your enlightenment.  Sorry, I was not clearer.  I was
thinking that this would make a nice feature to the GUI admin for the
https checkout section.

Thank you all!

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