[ic] Item Picture on search results page.

Hans-Joachim Leidinger hans-joachim.leidinger@home.gelsen-net.de
Tue, 20 Feb 2001 21:55:07 +0100

Joshua Scott wrote:
> Has anybody else had this problem? If so, how do I fix it?
> Josh
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> Subject: [ic] Item Picture on search results page.
> > Hey there...
> >
> > We have used Interchange for several carts now. The first one used an
> > earlier version of Interchange, I am not even sure which version. On the
> > latest two, we have used the latest version. On our first cart the serach
> > results page came up with a picture of the item and the description. On
> the
> > latest two the results come with just the Item name, availability and
> > pricing. To see the picture you have to click on the item name and then
> the
> > the flypage is brought up with the description and picture.
> >
> > The question is this: Is there a way to set the search page to display the
> > picture and description. So that it is not neccesary to click to the title
> > to view the picture and information?
> >
> > Thanks for all of the help.

Well duh! Look into the file results.html and flypage.html and you get
the picture. What I mean is, if you want to display the image and the
description in your results page, add some codes to display that in your
results page. For example, if your results page has a code like

[item-field title]

you can add a code like

[item-field description]

to display the description, if you have a column "description" in you
product database and so on.
If you have a column image to display the image, you can use codes like

[if-field image]
                    <IMG SRC="cover/[item-code].jpg" WIDTH=200> 
          <IMG SRC="cover/dummygif.gif" WIDTH=150> 

Make sure, you use the right if condition (for example [if-loop-data
table field], [if file file.gif], [if-sql-field xyz] and so on) to
display image or description.


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