[ic] You need either GDBM_File or DB_File

Julio Saura jsaura@eon.es
Wed, 21 Feb 2001 16:05:30 +0100


i have the same error...  i have my akopia on a solaris... i have already
posted that error to the list.. but i have no answer for a month... and i
have gdmb support installed on my system installed through CPAN.

please in case you solve the problem or anyone tells you how to solve it..
please.. contact me.. 

thanks in advance...

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Asunto: [ic] You need either GDBM_File or DB_File

You need either GDBM_File or DB_File for Interchange to work as documented, 
is the error I get. Now I know it says, as documented, but I have looked 
through the installation guides and have not found this.

This is what my server says I have.

Database Interfaces      GDBM available (v1.00)
Berkeley DB_File available (v1.65)
DBI enabled (v1.14), available drivers:


I also have MySQL but it doesn't show up. can someone please help?
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