[ic] Images do not appear whith SSL.

Ron Phipps rphipps@reliant-solutions.com
Wed, 21 Feb 2001 08:27:43 -0800


Right click on an image that is not showing up and copy the path into a new
browser, does it show up in there?  If not then this can be a combination of
two problems one being that the symbolic links are in fact not correct, or
that you need a directive called ImageDirSecure.  This allows you to have a
different image head path for the secure server.  Please post the info from
your config that shows the following:

Server URL
Secure Server URL
Full path to the images for Server
Full path to the images for Secure Server


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Subject: [ic] Images do not appear whith SSL.

> Hello,
> I installed Stronghold ssl in my server but when I put HTTPS in
> secure_server in catalog.cfg all images not not appear when I access  a
> secure page.
> Why is this happeing? When i took out the "s" from https everything start
> work again. All imagens appear.
> I have checked all symbolic links but it still not working.
> Please any help will be very good.
> thank you in advance,
> Marcelo F. De Paula
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