[ic] You need either GDBM_File or DB_File

Mike Heins mikeh@minivend.com
Wed, 21 Feb 2001 12:15:42 -0500

Quoting Julio Saura (jsaura@eon.es):
> hello..
> i have the same error...  i have my akopia on a solaris... i have already
> posted that error to the list.. but i have no answer for a month... and i
> have gdmb support installed on my system installed through CPAN.

You can't install GDBM via CPAN, it has to be compiled into Perl. 8-)

The very latest versions of Interchange have SDBM support, so it may
work to some extent of you move your access and locale tables to MySQL.

But the bottom line is you have to recompile Perl to have GDBM, which
must be installed before you compile the Perl. Once that is done,
the message will go away.

This is as much a system administration issue as an Interchange
issue, and I suggest you enlist your admin's help to build a new
Perl with GDBM.

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