[ic] Virtual Hosting

Doug Alcorn doug@lathi.net
22 Feb 2001 10:45:40 -0500

"Joseff Wishnoff" <joeybiz@intenseinfo.com> writes:

> We need to know what has to be done for the software to work in a
> virtual hosting environment

I've installed IC in a virtual hosting environment.  The installation
is typical.  There were no special provisions.  

That having been said, if you are an experienced Unix admin I advise
you to "run like the wind".  Virtual hosting is setup for people who
don't know how or don't want to actually manage their own box.  If you
do know how and want to, very often the virtual hosting gets in the
way of the system administration you want to do.  Let's say you want
to upgrade from sendmail 8.9.x to 8.10.x.  It may or may not work.
Let's say you want to change from using ssh.com's libssl to openssl?
It may or may not work.  The point is that virtual hosting is _not_
exactly like dedicated hosting just with sharing CPU.  The virtual
hosting software _does_ get in the way of an experienced admin.  At
least this was true with the Ensim hosting software.
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