[ic] Secure Checkout Problems

Thomas McAlees tmcalees@discgolfcentral.com
Thu, 22 Feb 2001 13:44:56 -0500

I'm having some strange problems with Interchange 4.6.3 and secure checkout.
Right after I installed a new Thawte SSL server certificate and changed my
configuration to use the secure server, I began having problems with
checkout.  When I click the submit button on my checkout page I receive a
'page cannot be displayed' error from IE.  If I hit the back button and
resubmit, it usually works.  Sometimes I have to submit/back 3 or 4 times
before it will go through.  The problem happens consistently on a machine
with IE 5.0.  I experienced the problem briefly on another machine with IE
5.5 but the problem appears to have gone away.  I have not been able to
reproduce the problem with that latest version of Netscape.

Has any one expierenced this type of problem?  I searched the archive and
found several discussions related to loosing the contents of a basket, but
none with the kinds of problems I'm having.  Any help would be greatly


Tom McAlees