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Thu, 22 Feb 2001 17:34:24 -0500

CHEER Well put Doug. Damn fine! 

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> "Fiber @ VH" <fiber@virtualhideout.net> writes:
> > Is it possible to make the Akopia Cart PHP instead of Perl?
> OK, I'll bite.  Maybe that way some of the more serious IC developers
> can studiously ignore this thread.
> Have you downloaded and looked at Interchange? We're talking about
> close to 2MB and 55,000 lines of perl code.  This represents _years_
> of effort (and probably tens of years of man-effort).  Rarely to
> project survive the "lets port this entire code to some other
> language".
> To put this number in perspective, I worked for 3 months to audit
> 3,000 lines of C code.  In the end I was able to cut the number of
> lines in half (and not just by removing comments); it was just really
> bad code.  Assuming Mike and company could work twice as fast as I
> did.  That would still be 25 months of work.  Even if they worked
> three times as fast as I did it would still be almost 20 months.
> That's two _years_ just to be caught up to where we are today.  Even
> if they could work four times as fast as I did it would still be a
> year.
> I'm not setting myself up here as some great programmer; I"m just
> being realistic.  How many developers that know both perl and php are
> going to be working on the port full-time?  How many developers work
> on IC as it is now full-time?  I'm betting there's not many more than
> one that works full-time on the core library.
> And what would all this effort gain?  Would more developers be
> attracted to it?  Would it run faster?  Would it be any easier to
> learn?  I think the answer is "no" on all accounts.
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